We Present You Artichokes ‘a la Dubrovnik’!

Mmmm, the artichokes’ season! We just love this meaty vegetable, rich with minerals and vitamins, so we decided to share with you one hidden recipe we found stashed in our cook books.   Ingredients 8 artichokes 5 tsp...
bitter orange jam

Bitter orange jam

Ingredients: – orange 1 kg – sugar 1 kg – water 500 ml Preparation: 1. Wash the oranges. Peel the rind and put it in a bowl with water; leave it there for 24 hours. Remove seeds from the orange pulp and cook i...

Šporki makaruli – Dirty macaroni

Sporki makaruli, or dirty macaroni,  is a traditional dish in Dubrovnik often served on the feast day of the City’s patron saint, St. Blaise. The dish dates back to the days of aristocracy in Dubrovnik when the wealthy w...


The recipe for Pandispanj is quite simple, however it’s not that easy for the cake to turn out as it should. With this cake it’s important to be gentle and careful, mixing slowly and gently until it’s time to ...

Stonska Torta – Ston Wedding Cake

This cake is a regular on dining tables on the Peljesac peninsula whenever there is a celebration. Hailing from the walled town of Ston this recipe is sure to delight with its taste of Dalmatia and unusual appearance. Ingredien...


Dubrovnik’s Delicious Dessert


In the heat of summer there is nothing nicer then a cool treat after a hard day at the beach. Paradizot is  a favourite option in Dubrovnik, made using rum and chocolate it’s the perfect summer cooler! Ingredients 1 l Mi...
Mantala - Must Cake

Mantala – Must Cake

Traditionally and predominantly from Dubrovnik region, from Konavle to Primorje and Pelješac, mantala is a firm, sticky, sweet, dark brown hard paste made of grape must mixed with orange peels, coarse wheat flour, cloves, cinn...


Traditional home made sweets made from oranges
Prikle - Sweet fritters

Prikle – Sweet Fritters

Prikle - somewhat similar to Italian zeppole
Zelena Menestra - Green Stew

Zelena Menestra – Green Stew

Zelena menestra or green stew, is a traditional Dubrovnik dish that is mentioned in writings as far back as 1480
Kontonjata - Quince cheese

Kontonjata – Quince cheese

Kontonjata is traditionally served in leaf lined or grape shaped dishes
Bakalar - Codfish bianco

Bakalar – Codfish ‘in bianco’

Bakalar is the Croatian word for cod, derived from the Spanish bacalao, and it’s also the name for the simple stew of cod and potatoes enjoyed by Croats during the Christmas season
Black Risotto

Black Risotto

A Croatian dish, black risotto is a type of seafood rice dish made with cuttlefish and sometimes squid. Popular in the Dalmatian Islands, this risotto is dyed black by breaking the cuttlefishes’ ink sacs onto the rice ne...
Mussels Buzara

Mussels Buzara

Buzara is Croatian way of cooking mussels with only few simple ingredients. This easy mussels recipe is popular along the Dalmatian coast
Pašticada - Dalmatian Beef Stew

Pašticada (Dalmatian Beef Stew)

Pašticada is a traditional Dalmatian meal, a beef stew which is served on solemn or festive occasions like a wedding or receiving a larger number of guests

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