Ivana Jovanović-Trostmann

Ivana Jovanović-Trostmann is a younger generation artist who often presents herself in big format abstractions, landscapes and vedute of the City. She was born in Dubrovnik and graduated in 1966 at Sarajevo Fine Art Academy in the class of Professor R. Tadić. She did her master’s degree in Zagreb where she majored the History of Art. She works as an artist pedagogue in secondary school. Ivana has had numerous individual and group exhibitions from Kotor, Pecs and Budapest to Split, Podgorica and Rijeka…

Katja Bakija, DrSc, describes her as a painter of rich colours and landscapes that bear a certain spiritual component of peace, as well as optimism in it sunny yellow or bright redness of love for life and her hometown.

Tonći Šitin, DrSc, talks of her complete works as of melodious layout and colour and gracious structure of composition or as of paintings that bring joy and peace and luxurious cheerfulness.

On the other hand, Andrija Seifried accentuates the richness of colour. All that being said, the fact remains that Ivana Jovanović-Trostmann’s paintings represent an interesting part of fine art scene in the City that enable our imagination and sensibility to find pieces of themselves in them.