Fabiola Beracasa wedding Dubrovnik

The weeding of Fabiola Beracasa and Jason Beckman, held in Dubrovnik in early June, was announced as the ‘wedding of the year’. It received complete media coverage. Their special menus, dresses, music, guests etc., was all closely observed. However, according to the September issue of American Vogue, this weeding wasn’t at all that glamorous. Behind the gilded appearance there was also something shabby- the billions-worth lady and her husband failed to pay for anything to Croatian and other associates.

Namely, Vogue released a report with expenses of the wedding and all the unpaid debts that were left behind – the royal family didn’t cover wedding costs for the services they enjoyed. According to the DuList, Company Four D d.o.o. from Zagreb, dues for this wedding remained owned to numerous subcontractors. Amount of the total debt is estimated to 500 thousand kuna. Four D was responsible for Operations and Logistics during the wedding.

The list of companies who didn’t get paid is long, among many companies are also Eldra Sliško d.o.o., Inki Dinki, Pro Lux lighting, and Pro event.

As a reminder, Fabiola and Jason got engaged in 2010. Her family, the Hearsts, is the most famous but also flagrant American billionaire family. Her grandfather, William Randolph Hearst, has been attributed with the coinage of the ‘yellow press’. He was the creator of many iconic media including Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle, The Oprah Magazine and over 29 television channels. Great Orson Wells described his life in the film ‘Citizen Kane’.

For this occasion, the couple rented the Marin Drzic theater. With the ‘blessing’ of the City of Dubrovnik, this cultural monument was turned into a restaurant/disco for one night. Same as Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace and Fort Lawrence, and many others cultural city monuments.
To sum up, the couple got their money’s worth but money is still nowhere to be cashed.