art week

Art Week Dubrovnik will be held at the newly renovated Prijeko Palace from 23rd to 30th November. The Week is going to open with a show by the academic painter Lena Kramarić titled ‘Through the Looking Glass’, on Sunday 23rd of November at 4 pm. And where is art there is always great music, this time it will be performed by Klapa Kase and Maja Grgic & Igor Vlahusic.

Lena Kramaric is a painter from Zagreb who has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 2007. The title of her exhibition ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is taken from a book by Lewis Carroll (Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, 1871). ‘Chasing the mirror’, or freely translated ‘Through the Looking-Glass’, is a combined name for several separate images associated with the same idea as an attempt to close them in as a whole.

‘In fact, all seemingly separate entities merge into one story that was inexhaustibly developing throughout the years.Some images have been processed on many layers to obtain a structure similar to my thoughts, cluttered desires, plans and expectations’, explained Lena Kramaric.