Dubrovnik by Zvonimir Pandza

HELLO! Online has picked out top 10 winter destinations in England and around Europe. Dubrovnik was one of them, which is a marvelous compliment to our city and everyone of us!

‘Escape from the grey and gloomy winter days to the Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik, Croatia. Take a walk through the cosy streets of the Old Town or soak up the sun at a tourist-free hidden beach. Croatia’s dramatic Dalmatian Coast is spectacular in Dubrovnik. That, with the two-kilometre historical city wall overlooking ancient monasteries, aristocratic palaces and baroque churches, makes for a magical stroll on a wonderful city break along with endless activities to pick from.’
Andalusia in Spain, Norwegian Tromsø, Vienna in Austria, Italian Sardinia, Kas in Turkey, Budapest in Hungary, Saint-Tropez, Cornwall and Paris in France took their places on the list as well.