From the beginning of next week the weather will turn around! It will be cloudy, with the rain showers, weak wind and the temperatures will range from 3 to 12 °C.

Monday will be moderately cloudy with no wind, and the temperature will oscillate between 4 to 12 °C. Tuesday will be cloudy and with gloomy weather, weak-to-later-strong wind and temperatures between 5 and 12 °C.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny with just a little bit of rain, but with the strong wind. The air temperature will range from 6 to 11 °C. Thursday ‘turns’ on the south wind. It will be cloudy with small amount of rain, with the air temperatures between 8 and 10 °C.

So, our advice is – if you are visiting Dubrovnik next week, bring warm clothes, umbrellas, raincoats and boots!