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HOLY WEEK Traditions

29/03/2018 @ 10:00 - 18:00

There are three confraternities in Korčula town:
The Confraternity of All Saints (founded in 1301), the St. Rocco Confraternity, founded in 1575 and the confraternity of St. Michael, which was founded in 1603.
During the Holly week in Korčula the three brotherhoods colourfully process through the town – All Saints, Saint Rocco, and Saint Michael. Their costumes and religious regalia are especially impressive.


25 March, Sunday
Palm Sunday
– 10.00 Benediction of palms, procession, solemn mass with Passion singing
– Adoration
– 10.00 Low mass
– All Saints brotherhood ‘s procession
– Miserere, King David’ s psalms

26. March, Monday
Holy Monday
– 18.30 Low Mass
– Saint Rocco’s brotherhood procession
– Miserere, King David’s psalms

27. March, Tuesday
Holy tuesday
– 18.30 Low Mass
– Saint Michael’s brotherhood’s procession
– Miserere, King David’s psalms

28. March, Wednesday
Holy Wednesday
– 18.30 High Mass
– Lamentation
– Procession

29. March, Thursday
Holy Thursday
– 18.30 Solemnn Mass with feet washing

30. March, Friday
Good Friday
– Visiting Christ’s tomb – sepulcrum- round churches and chapels
– 18.30 Readings, Adoration
– Miserere, King David’s psalms
– Good Friday solemn procession around the town
– Visiting brotherhood’s halls

31. March, Saturday
Holy saturday
– 4.30 Procession around churches and chapels, through the Wood
– 20.00 Benediction of water and fire
– Gloria resurrection, solemn Mass

1 April, Sunday
– 10.00 Solemn Easter Mass
– Benediction of the town gates

2 April, Monday
Easter Monday
– 18.30 High Mass and procession at St. Michael’s church

The Church and Confraternity of All Saints is steeped in the town’s oldest traditions. The Church was built at the beginning of the 15th c. on the site of an older church (10th c/13th c.), which was the first cathedral of the bishopric (1300); the oldest Korčulan confraternity – All Saints or the Confraternity of Good Death – was founded there in 1301. Icons from the Greek island of Crete are exhibited in the Icon Collection. They were brought to Korčula by the Korčulan war galley which took part in the battle between Venice and the Turks for the island of Crete (Candian wars). The battle ended with the defeat of Venice and the general evacuation of the Venetian garrison, administration and priests from the island. Opposite the church entrance, there is the entrance to the house of the Confraternity of All Saints. The reliefs on the wall ( above the entrance door) depict the brothers of the fraternity from 1301. The photos are a reminder of the annual gatherings and processions of the brothers.

Numerous valuable art objects, statues and paintings can be found in the house of the St. Rocco Confraternity, founded in 1575.

The Church of St. Michael (1408/1615), opposite the Town Hall, is characterised by its pleasant facade and beautiful bell-tower “on distaff”.
Photo by Neven Faznić

The church is connected with the house of the confraternity of St. Michael, which was founded in 1603.

The hall of the confraternity has exhibits evoking the rich history and high aesthetic criteria of Korčulans over the centuries.

Of particular note are the “torci” – wax candles which are carried in processions around the town, some of which weigh up to 73 kilos.

They are given names like “Zero”, “Primo” etc depending on the weigh. Photo by Neven Fazinić



10:00 - 18:00


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