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  • Croatia

    Top 10 Things To Do in Croatia

    If you’ve ever wondered what to do while you are in Croatia, here are suggestions. Yachting, rafting, partying, wine tasting (particularly Plavac Mali), driving scooters… are just some of the things you can enjoy. ...
  • marathon dubrovnik honeymoon

    Newlyweds Jenn and Adam ran a marathon on honeymoon

    The first Dubrovnik Half-Marathon is more than a race, and Adam and Jenn know it! This beautiful young couple – Adam Krett and Jenn Maples live healthily, so they decided to run the Dubrovnik’s half marathon on thei...
  • half marathon dubrovnik

    Runners shouted: This city is beautiful!

    The first Dubrovnik International Half Marathon began today with the race called 2K Run the wall. 50 runners started in front of the Cafe Bar Cele, located at the city walls, and they ran back to the Stradun. ‘This city i...
  • Game of Thrones Season 3

    Peter Dinklage: ‘I’m a big fan of Oliver Dragojevic’

    The famous actor from the TV series Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage, came to the show of Oliver Dragojevic held at the concert hall ‘Ohio’ in Cleveland. The actor who has spent much time in Dubrovnik admitted that h...
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Photo Gallery: Days of Brazil in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a host of the 4th ‘Festival Internacional Capoeira sangpaz Origens do BrasilCro – Croatia’. At the beginning of the three-day event pupils of Dubrovnik primary schools got a free lesson of capoei...
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Culture Club Revelin: The ultimate party fortress

Culture club Revelin, situated in the five hundred years old Revelin fortress, is a unique place where present meets the past. The club has recently found its place on the most prestigious Top DJ Mag list of the best 100 clubs ...
Great costume party on Friday 13th!
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Diego Armando Maradona @Revelin
 Where to stay

The highest hotel in Dubrovnik welcomes the new season with a new look

Neptune Hotel, a modern Dubrovnik’s hotel that operates within the Importanne Resort, will enter the season completely reconstructed. Consequent to these renovations, the hotel now offers even more comfortable and luxurio...
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Gruz ship hostel Dubrovnik
 Art galleries
Salvador Dali

Dali in Dubrovnik: The exhibition for the lovers of fine art

The exhibition of the great artist Salvador Dali was opened in Dubrovnik last Wednesday. About 99 prints from artists two most extensive oeuvre, ‘Biblia Sacra’ and ‘The Divine Comedy,’ were presented to ...
Salvador Dali
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