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Reusable sources of energy in schools  (2)

Cool Project: Meet the School That Now Has its Own Wind Generator and Solar Panels

Economic and Technical School of Dubrovnik is, by all means, a very special and creative school! Their students showed us today sometning really thrilling – their own reusable sources of energy. Students and teachers moun...
Ballet performances in KMD
Beyonce on New Years Eve
Saami Pupils in Dubrovnik (43)
CMA Banje Press (6)

Croatia Music Adventures: Five Locations and Some Interesting Headliners in Dubrovnik

Interesting press conference was held today on Banje Beach Club in Dubrovnik, announcing new summer of Croatian Music Adventures that will be held on 28th and 29th of July on Banje Beach and other places. This year brings some ...
Revelin DJ Mag Festival
revelin-toolroom (6)
 Where to stay
1. Hotel Bellevue, Orebić, kavana - 2

Hotel Bellevue: Charming Accommodation With Stunning Architecture and Interior Design

Can you think of anything more comfortable than lying on the beach in the shade of pine trees and listening to the songs of crickets? Or something more relaxing than watching the dance of the little boats on the blue waves? Hot...
 Art galleries
St Blaise Celebration in Italy - Rupe Museum (2)

Check the Exhibition That Collects Cult, History and Legends about St. Blaise in Italy!

‘St Blaise in Italy: Places of Veneration, the Cult and Celebrations’ is a name of exhibition produced by the Ethnographic Museum of Dubrovnik Museums and the organisation Etnolaboratorio of Rome. Across a range of ...
Picasso Keramika Visia (9)
Flight 777
Salvador Dali