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Croatian design for the whole world: 2nd Design Tourism Expo & Store exhibition

Sales exhibition of the best Croatian designers ‘Design and Croatia EXPO + SHOP’, organised by Mastercard, was opened in Luza this weekend. It is the second year that the Croatian artists represent Croatian design t...
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Culture Club Revelin: The ultimate party fortress

Culture club Revelin, situated in the five hundred years old Revelin fortress, is a unique place where present meets the past. The club has recently found its place on the most prestigious Top DJ Mag list of the best 100 clubs ...
Great costume party on Friday 13th!
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Diego Armando Maradona @Revelin
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Certificate of Excellence for Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik has been recognized for its excellence for the fifth year in a row by the audiences of TripAdvisor, a social internet platform designed for sharing uncensored reviews and comments from guests themselve...
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Salvador Dali

Dali in Dubrovnik: The exhibition for the lovers of fine art

The exhibition of the great artist Salvador Dali was opened in Dubrovnik last Wednesday. About 99 prints from artists two most extensive oeuvre, ‘Biblia Sacra’ and ‘The Divine Comedy,’ were presented to ...
Salvador Dali
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