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  • video croatia

    Video showing that Croatia is a country of everyone’s dreams!

    Today we will show you a video of Croatia that thrilled over half a million of people. A work of Ante Sego, which was published on Facebook profile of the German businessman Marcus Prinz von Anhalt, promoted our state more than...
  • hidroavion

    Hydroplane soon in Dubrovnik?

    Mayor of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Nicholas Dobroslavic has participated in a promotional flight with a hydroplane that will, in the coming future, connect Dubrovnik with the surrounding islands. This was a plane of the company...
  • Dubrovnik video drone

    12th Mediterranean fair of healthy food and medical herbs

    The 12th Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs, and Green Entrepreneurship will take place from 26st to 29th March in the indoor and outdoor facilities of Tirena Hotel – Dubrovnik Babin Kuk. This specialized event has pro...
  • Stradun In The Sun

    Ireland journalist thrilled with Dubrovnik!

    A journalist of Irish Independent, Ailish O’Hora praised Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast after she had spent seven-days in our country. O’Hora wrote that signs of the past are at every turn. ‘As for the food...

Culture Club Revelin is among 100 best clubs in the world!

Croatia could boast with another representative on the world’s prestige list. This time around Dubrovnik’s club Revelin joined the company of the best nightclubs on the planet! According to the British DJ MAG Magazine ‘ou...
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Great costume party on Friday 13th!

Photo Gallery: Great costume party on Friday 13th!

Friday 13th was obviously a perfect day for fun! A costume party was held in Lazareti, where all the guests came dressed in what they always wanted to be. Many different masks and lots of laughter was the formula for the excell...
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Diego Armando Maradona @Revelin
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Lazareti party
 Where to stay
karisma-kalamota (1)

Photo Gallery: Hotel Kolocep in a completely new light

Great news coming from Kalamota! Works on the reconstruction of the hotel Koločep have been completed. All 144 rooms, as well as the main establishment where the reception, two restaurants, a swimming pool and multi-purpose sp...
Gruz ship hostel Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Hotel Palace
Jewish Pesah Rixos
 Art galleries

Dubrovnik prisoners discussed art

Educational project ‘Museum in motion’ travels alongside the exhibition of Dubrovnik’s artist Pero Santic and his exhibition ‘The chronicle of silence’. The exhibition takes place in the Gallery Du...
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art week
ancient symbols in contemporary art'