Dubrovnik Summer Festival: Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

Dubrovnik Summer Festival: Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

Posted 09/07/2013 by Just Dubrovnik in Don't miss

If you should find yourself in the Old Town this evening then at midnight you will find the final dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival taking place.

Locals will make their way to St. Blaise’s Church on the Stradun where they will occupy the stands and prepare to cheer and jeer the actors. The dress rehearsal is an intrinsic part of Dubrovnik’s culture and the Summer Festival. Locals in the audience and actors relish the chance to make fun of figures from public life. While you may not be able to understand every word spoken the lively  atmosphere will make everything clearer.

Tomorrow night will see the festival open with a fantastic firework display over the Old Harbour following the opening ceremony. For the best views head to Park Orsula where you can look down on the Old Town.



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