Ivana Marija Vidović is a member of the jury of the prestigious ‘Ariano International Piano Competition’ in Italy!

Renowned Dubrovnik pianist Ivana Marija Vidović is a member of the jury of the internationally acclaimed ‘Ariano International Piano Competition,’ which takes place in the Italian art oasis, the city of Ariano Irpino, ‘citta del Tricolle,’ from October 5th to 7th. The competition and the judging by eminent musicians will take place at the Museo Civico e Della Ceramica, located in the Forte Palace in the old part of the town of Ariano Irpino.

Our esteemed pianist, who successfully concluded the 17th edition of the Epidaurus Cavtat festival under her own artistic direction and organization in September joins the  the judging panel chaired by mo Giuliano Adorno, a professor at the Conservatory D. Cimarosa in Avellino and artistic director of the Orbetello Piano Festival, consists of three other top experts. The jury also includes mo Marco Ciampi, a concert pianist and professor at the Conservatory D. Cimarosa in Avellino, Arianna Bonatesta, a concert pianist and professor at the Conservatory D. Cimarosa in Avellino, and Remo Mazzeo, a concert pianist and mo at the Conservatory D. Cimarosa in Avellino, who is also the president of the Italia Musica Association.

The ‘Ariano International Piano Competition’ is an international competition that features various categories of young and older contestants, ranging from ages eight, 11, 12 to 14, 15 to 17, 18 to 21, 22 to 25, and an open-age category. It is organized by the Italia Musica association under the leadership of mo Remo Mazzeo, with the goal of promoting the talents of young musicians and nurturing musical culture. Concerts for the award winners and concerts for piano and orchestra are planned throughout the festival’s duration, with the awards ceremony scheduled for October 7th at 7:30 PM.

“It is always a great pleasure and honor for me to be a part of the jury in my field, as well as for poetry and for leading workshop organizations. I have the opportunity to further universalize my thoughts and soul… Among younger and older colleagues, listening to excellent and outstanding talents, and in the end, I have already invited many of them to perform in Croatia… Let us remember Danylo Sayenko, to whom I have awarded first prizes at competitions twice and who, on my invitation, thrilled the audience at the Epidaurus Cavtat festival… The younger generation is the hope of today and the joy of tomorrow. Especially in these times of alienation and decreasing social interaction, it gives us strength and hope… In the jury, we, as a commission, learn a lot, progress, develop our critical opinions and criteria, broaden our horizons, and exchange ideas, complementing each other. There, I ‘sharpen’ my language skills – not only in music but also in visiting beautiful destinations…” emphasized our renowned pianist Ivana Marija Vidović before her departure to Italy.

“If youth lacks hope, then we are somewhat without a future, in despair. For me, nothing enriches life better than knowledge and the ability to achieve positive change. Competitions today require immense discipline, knowledge, education, a Spartan life of practice and practice, but also courage… Great courage… It takes courage to grow up and become who we truly are,” concluded our pianist and poet, who is jurying in Irpino for the first time. However, not without an aboundance of experience – via numerous artistic committees in Albania, Slovenia, Italy, Lithuania… As well as online judging during the pandemic, where she listened to performances by thousands of talents and, among other things, donated her work to Lviv.

In any case, the jury, where our esteemed pianist proudly represents Croatia, will have no easy task!