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[Vlaho Bukovac] ‘Konavle Weavers’ Have Returned Home

The Most Beautiful Gift for a Great Painters' Birthday

Konavle Weavers (Konavoski tkalci), a smaller format painting depicting two women and a man in Konavle folk costume around a loom, was most likely painted during Vlaho Bukovac’s last visit to Cavtat in 1920. The famous painting, thanks to The Museums and Galleries of Konavle who launched a campaign to raise funds for the purchase, is finally bak home.

The goal was to raise HRK 75,000 in the 75 days, until the birthday of Vlaho Bukovac on July 4, 2022. That way, in this anniversary year, another Bukovac’s work will find a home in our House Bukovac. The aim is fulfilled!
‘Konavle Weavers’

Back in that time Bukovac painted many similar genre scenes of Cavtat’s life. Simirar to this one, most of them are small sketches in which the choice of themes and the ease of strokes are a complete refreshment in Bukovac’s work. Unencumbered by the client or the public, the painter treated the canvas completely freely.

The painting was made using the oil on cardboard technique and is well preserved.

For the Museums and Galleries of Konavle, the Bukovac House, this painting is valuable not only as Bukovac’s work, but also as a painting motif belonging to the corpus of Bukovac’s native themes, which are of great importance for Cavtat. The painting will find the place in the Bukovac House in a permanent exhibition on the first floor, in the context of Vlaho Bukovac’s home and family environment.